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NFT Icons


We are proud to present our Digital-Physical Hybrid Art collection, NFT Icons. 


Not only will each buyer hold an NFT Icons NFT, but they will also own a unique one of a kind piece of physical art that they can enjoy in their homes and beyond. Each painted by the hands of the extremely talented artist Jermaine Dante and delivered to your door.


 NFTs can be used as investments, Social Profiles, within Metaverses, as symbols of brand utility, but rarely do investments look this good on your wall. With NFT Icons we have crossed the digital and physical worlds of ownership and with that the extra investment assurance of having a real physical item with a preestablished high profile client list and an extremely limited supply.  


Our Holders earn passive yield of the residual sales of the collection.. So each time a piece of the collection sells, holders will share a percent of that sale with the other collection holders.


With only 22 paintings in this original collection, and these paintings hanging in the homes and halls of some of your favorite sports, music, and celerity icons there is no telling how fast and high these can go.


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How It Works

If you are a first time buyer of an NFT, Upon Purchase we will walk you through step by step (via Zoom) on how to setup a wallet and store NFT's safely.


10% of the whitelist (artists initial sale) goes to Charity. Rated A+ By charity watch.

Holders of Icons NFT's will share 3% of the sale price each time an NFT in the collection is resold. That means if you hold an NFT Icon you will receive money automatically each time a piece is sold for as long as your the owner. You can also boost your percent of residuals buy owning multiple Icons NFTs.

 The artist will receive 7%.  For a combined 10 percent of the residual sale price.

The 22 first edition Icons NFT's will have the best incentive and yield opportunity's in all future projects.

Every 6 months 2-8 new paintings will be created. This ensures that over time with more paintings trading hands (and the best yield to first edition holders) that this isn't just a beautiful piece of art but also a way store wealth, earn passive income, and create a community.

The original 22 First edition Nft Icons holders will get 5% off the whitelist price for any future or current whitelist project. (Price determined by floor price and nature of piece)


Holders also receive 10% off custom pieces. Custom NFT projects can be created by request. 

Holders are also provided with a driver and tour guide for a day in Napa Valley once per year (non stackable and non transferable)

As our community Grows so will our ability to provide further utility to our holders. We are discussing Dinners with the artist, community meetups, celebrity interactions, vacation rentals, discounts on other brands, travel experiences, giveaways and much more...

NFT Icons Collection

How to Purchase

The Initial sale (whitelist) of NFT Icons Collection will start on February 1st at 12:01am & and end that February 22nd at 2:22pm PST.


All bidding must be done through our website under the digital art collection subtab or through The artists Instagram Direct message. @jermainedante_art 

22 One of a Kind Digital-Physical Hybrid Nft's will be available during whitelist, and can be viewed here under the Digital art collection subtab. Click on the photo and you will be prompted to send us an email.


Simply make a bid with the Name and/or Number of the Nft in question anytime during the auction window. It is recommended to add Jermaine's Instagram handle well in advance. We will be aware and monitoring all messages (including spam folders) during last 2 hours of auction. 


The highest bids with 20 minutes remaining will be posted in chart format on @jermaindante_art Instagram story 10 minutes before the auction ends. It will also be posted on our website as an image on the collection page. Bidders handles will be posted anonymously. 

Winners of the auction will be determined by bid and time stamp and notified within two hours of the completion of the auction. Upon purchase (minting) they will be sent a message with the Ethereum wallet address of The artist.


Funds must be sent within one hour of the winning bid verification or that bid is terminated. Upon verification of funds the buyer will be sent their purchased NFT to an Erc-20 wallet address such as Metamask. (We can assist this process)

Upon holding that NFT for 30 days the buyer will be sent the real physical art piece to hang in their home sent Via UPS/FedEx. A sewn on QR code will serve as its identifier.


Holders of Icons NFT's will begin to earn a shared 3% of the residual sale price each time a piece in the collection is sold. For example, if a piece sells for 100 Ethereum, holders will split 3 Ethereum and funds are automatically sent to the wallet address which holds the NFT.  

Any pieces that are not minted during whitelist auction will be listed on on February 25th at 9am PST


Technical Questions about Icons NFT's can be answered contacting Michael Maroney Via Instagram @michaelmaroney8 or by emailing


For all other questions please refer to the Artists contact

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